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About Us

      VEYRONX Founded in 2007, the factory set up in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, is a professional consumer electronic products, metal structures and protection solutions provider. Since its inception the company specializing in mobile phone design and development, by virtue of plastic products for electronics and metal industry, professional skills, experience and quality service, has become the leading provider of electronic protection solutions, with many at home and abroad OEM customers.
       VEYRONX iPhone4 is the first production of the metal shell of the plant protection, mainly because of the initial line of OEM-based, so the brand is not in the domestic market, only in North America and Europe. We believe, VEYRONX future will continue to provide our clients presents more excellent metal design consumer electronics products.
       Let people bid farewell to high so-called "foreign-made" brand, let the world know the power of MADE IN CHINA.
      VEYRONX, you re-create a world of Metal Storm.